Friday, December 22, 2006

Mele Kalikimaka! Ana Lucia's coming back!

How's this for a Don Ho-sized holiday gift from the enchanted islands-- it looks like our favorite wild child, Michelle Rodriguez, is returning as Ana Lucia when the series comes out of hibernation on February 7th!

Even though she's dead.

Access Hollywood reports that Michelle was photographed jogging in a red dress along the beach in Oahu this week, near the beach where Lost shoots. Either she was in costume or she was running from the cops. It was a year and 20 days ago that Michelle, who spells her name "T-R-O-U-B-L-E," was popped for drunk driving on the island. Though Michelle's character was shot dead at the end of Season 2, we can expect her to show up flashbacks. Several old characters have been turning up in recent Lost teasers.

Michelle, of course, starred in the classic Aloha State flick, Blue Crush. She made news last month when Terminator 3 star Kristanna Loken told The Advocate that she and Michelle were in love.

Two thumbs up!

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Lost Love!

It looks like Evangeline and Dominic Monaghan are still an item. Here they are Sunday in Oahu, Hawaii

Sunday, July 30, 2006

Welcome Elizabeth Mitchell to the Lost cast!

Actress Elizabeth Mitchell joins the Lost cast when the series returns in October. She could be a new love interest for Matthew Fox's Jack.

Elizabeth appeared in ER and the movie Gia, among others. And after finding these red-hot Gia stills, we can only say: Two thumbs up!

And we can't wait for Season 3!

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Emilie gets married!

Lost star and Aussie beauty Emilie de Ravin has found herself a husband!

We're told the lovely actress, known to us all as single mom Claire Littleton, tied the knot with her longtime boyfriend Josh Janowicz on June 19 in Melbourne, Australia.

They'd been engaged since Jan. 1, 2005. But see what happens when our favorites aren't in Hawaii, shooting more episodes? Too much time on their hands!

We say Thumbs up!

Thursday, June 22, 2006

Evangeline's body of work!

There's shock-- and some awe-- here on the Lost Fan Number One island, as we read in the British Sun tabloid that our favorite Lost star, Evangeline, hates her body!

Sun says: "The sexy castaway has revealed she covers up all the mirrors in her house because of her paranoia about the way she looks... and admitted starring in the show had left her extremely self-conscious about her appearance. She said: 'I’ve never felt so stressed or conscious of how I look. If you walk into my bathroom, the mirror is covered by a sarong. I just want to forget what I look like when I get home.'"

We at the Lost site have been well aware of our Canadian sweetheart's body issues.

"Bottom" line? Evangeline! You are the best!

Friday, May 26, 2006

How every Lost character is connected!

Thursday, May 04, 2006

Rest in Peace, Ana Lucia!

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Exclusive! Thumb Guy visits the Lost set in Hawaii!

Greetings from sunny Hawaii!

Yes, the Thumb Guy is here on “Police Beach” on the North Shore of Oahu, where the Lost crew is setting up a location.

Everyone here gave us the “Thumbs up!” and sends their greetings to fans in America, the UK, France and around the world!

As for scoops?

Our girl Evangeline has reportedly moved in to Hobbit Dominic Monaghan’s house in Kaneoke, where Michelle went to court... and where today Michelle opted for jail time--five days!-- over community service on that DUI charge!

Hang in there, Michelle. No confirmation on reports they’re writing you out of the show!

See you on the Mainland soon!

Wish you were here!

The Thumb Guy!

Police Beach-- so named because it once had a locked gate and gave access only to current and retired cops!

On the set-- The Thumb stays in the picture!

Mr. Eko's Trailer!

Friday, April 14, 2006

Evangeline Lilly is a kind & wonderful human being

Evangeline Lilly is the greatest!

In an interview with Ray Richmond, the legendary columnist for The Hollywood Reporter, our favorite actress actually has kind words for the paparazzi who taunt her and make her newfound fame unpleasant:

"Frankly I hate the attention of paparazzi. But if someone can make a living off of me, hey, that's kind of cool. Maybe I shouldn't be saying this, but if I can indirectly help put food on the table for a family just by letting someone take my picture, I mean, that's really kind of a great thing. It's the way I help make sense of it all, anyway."

She harbors the same humanitarian philosophy about autographs. "I get warned, 'Careful, they're just going to sell it on ebay.' And I think, 'Well, good for them!' If they can make money off of something it took me 30 seconds to write, more power to 'em. Maybe it's just because I'm naive. But my reasoning is, I've got better things to think about, you know?"

But what about the guys who steal her laundry off the line?

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Michelle Rodriguez as we've never seen her!

Here are some pictures
to replace Michelle Rodriguez's mugshot!

All we can say is, "Wow!"

And Thumbs Up!

Saturday, April 01, 2006

The map on the door

Friday, March 31, 2006

Michelle postpones drunk driving fight

Vive la France!

"Lost" star Michelle Rodriguez's drunk-driving trial has been postponed until next month.

Michelle's attorney says he "needs more time" to prepare his client's case. The jalapena hellion's trial was scheduled for yesterday. Her new trial date is April 25 at Kaneohe District Court.

Kailua police pulled over wild child Michelle over in the early morning hours of Dec. 1 when she was supposedly swerving all over the road (within fifteen minutes, fellow actress Cynthia Watros was busted on the same charge, driving a separate car—she pleaded no contest).

According to a police report unearthed by The Thumb Guy’s news alma mater, Honolulu TV station KITV, Michelle, who starred in the classic Hawaiian surfing film, Blue Crush, was "argumentative and rude" to the arresting officer and issued a classic big-screen rant after she blew a 0.145 on the Breathalyzer (twice the legal limit).

"I don't f---ing belong here! Why don't you just put a gun to my head and shoot me! You've already taken my freedom! You might as well take my life too," she was quoted as saying.

The spicy star continued her soliloquy as she was driven to jail, telling the cop to "just take my car and I'll walk all the way to the North Shore, but don't leave me in the back of this car, poppie."

Lost Fan Number One's Thumb Guy will be there in court with Michelle in April.

Website Tabloid Baby predicts a suspended license, a fine and some community service teaching the little Lilos how to box. Lost Fan Number One simply hopes for the best.

Sunday, March 26, 2006

Evangeline is featured in Los Angeles magazine!

Copies of Los Angeles magazine are sailing off the shelves and being stuffed into supermarket bags across Southern California now that the April issue and "Survival Guide," featuring beautiful Lost star Evangeline Lilly as covergirl and interview subject, has been unleashed.

We were on the shipping dock to tear open the issue and get the scoop on the single-page, yet explosive Lilly Q&A: Evangeline is standing strong against constant requests for her to go topless on the show. She says she’s proud that the panties fans steal from the set are for sale on e-Bay. And she hates Hawaiian drivers—ironic in light of the high number of Lost cast members’ speeding and drunk driving arrests!

The newsmaking sections of the page:

How do you survive…

The 15th time you’re asked to shed your clothes for the TV audience?
Kick and scream until the director has no choice but to tell you, “Okay, you can wear your tank top.” There’s a scene where Sawyer (Josh Holloway) and I find a waterfall and jump in—he takes off his shirt and jumps in his jeans, and I take off my jeans and jump in my underwear and tank top. Why do I feel inclined to get into my underwear? I wasn’t even supposed to wear a tank top, but I fought and fought. I polled every woman on the set and finally the director agreed to let me wear the tank top. Female mutiny on the set works.

That jungle commute to work every morning? The notion of “aloha” is really nice when you;’re a visitor walking on the sidewalk and everyone’s cool and going “Yay! Aloha!” But when you’re on the road running late for work and everyone’s fucking “Yay! Aloha”? You want to snap! No one understands there is a passing lane, no one understands there is a speed limit you can exceed.

The knowledge that your stolen underwear may be for sale on eBay? With pride.

Evangeline is also featured in the new US Weekly, in which a panel of fashion experts trashes the dress she wore to the Grand Slam Sci Fi Summit (and on the cover of Flare magazine). Our Thumb Guy, who has already praised the get-up, promises a headline-making response to US.

(And a big "Thumbs Up" to the great website, Hollywood Thoughts, who gave us a big plug along with its super Lost scoop!)

Thursday, March 23, 2006

Welcome! We've been waiting for you to arrive!

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

'Lost' star Evangeline found on the beach

‘Lost’ star Evangeline Lilly has made a quite a splash these past few weeks, showing up at a Sci Fi convention in Pasadena, now on the cover of Flare magazine on newsstands today across her homeland Canada, and set to grace the cover of April's Los Angeles magazine.

But how can you see Evangeline making a splash in person? We've gone to Hawaii and back to find out. Our Thumb Guy used his extensive island connections (see below) to reveal that Lost is filmed at Waimanalo Beach on the island of Oahu. And although Evangeline told us at the Sci Fi Summit that she hates stripping down on the show, her favorite place to get sand in her bikini is the island’s Kailua Beach!

Kailua is one of the most popular beaches on Oahu’s east shore, also known as the Windward Coast. Evangeline told us at the Sci Fi Summit that a photographer once tried to snap her there, but that she chased him away! Her costar Matthew Fox says that before they gained worldwide fame, cast members used to go “skinny-dipping at 2 a.m.,” but he didn’t say where.

Evangeline, a native of cold Fort Saskatchewan, Canada, may love the beach for tanning her skin, but she can’t stand shooting there. She says noise from the wind and waves drown out almost all of the Lost dialogue, so all their dialogue has to be looped on a soundstage.

Our “Thumb Guy” promises more Lost scoops—and he’s got the sources. Before he gained fame with a new generation of Internet and Lost fans, before his illustrious career (exploits that can be found in the definitive history of the genre, Tabloid Baby) took off, he worked at KITV in Honolulu, Hawaii!

And his Hawaiian eyes will continue to “thumb down” new leads on Lost.

Evangeline does Canada

You can go home again. Even when you're the sexy star of TV's hot sci fi hit.

Beautiful Lost star Evangeline Lilly is the covergirl of Canada's Flare fashion magazine. The issue, which includes more pics and a major story inside, hit the stands across the Great White North on Monday. We have a video overview.

Evangeline, the girl from Fort Saskatchewan, has been making the most of her downtime from Lost, working endorsement deals and selling photos at the Sci Fi Summit in Pasadena. Our legendary Thumb Dude, Thumb Guy or Guy with The Thumb, met her there and found that Evangeline is taunted by the paparazzi and haunted by the prospect of stripping down for the show (something she does very well and that producers bank on).

Tabloid Baby's story on Evangeline's convention appearance attracted the ire of some Lost fans on the Internet. They flamed and debated on the Tabloid Baby blogspot site and Lost fan sites with hilariously hateful postings.

We say: Two thumbs up to that!

Tabloid Baby also found a site with some crazy photos of Lost's wild latina lesbina Michelle Rodriguez in a topless swim. We've been big fans of Michelle since her appearance in the classic film, Blue Crush.

Check them out.

Lost star Emilie de Ravin loses her clothes

Wow. Lost fans are everywhere.

Tabloid Baby's exclusive item on Evangeline Lilly’s appearance at the Sci Fi Summit in Pasadena has drawn great attention, thousands of hits— and some ire from fans of the TV show Lost, who accuse Tabloid Baby of trashing the show and their star:

“These Tabloid writers are so mean…"

"This guy seems like a major douche-bag..."

"Tabloid writers are just dirty scavengers. They are something like prostitutes, if not worse. They would do anything for money. So don't mind their articles, don't read them and don't post links anywhere. Just ignore them…"

And there’s plenty more at the fab fan site

"Not so!" claimed Tabloid Baby. "We love Lost almost as much as we love American Idol. Of course, we address the issues that are in the media. And for the millions of Lost fans, 'tabloid' is a good thing, because no other 'mainstream' news outlet paid to get in and get those great comments from Evangeline!"

Our Thumb Guy, the mysterious yet loveable correspondent who was there at the Sci Fi Summit, was also a bit unsettled by the reaction of fans (and counts himself as Lost Fan Number One!), and issued this statement:

“I was as impressed by the way Evangeline handled the questions as I am with her outstanding portrayal of Kate on Lost. I had also read the scurrilous tabloid speculation about a possible pregnancy. But that is her own business. She looked absolutely stunning-- and downright elegant-- in the purple dress.”

Meanwhile, "in respect to the millions of Lost fans out there," the site offered "an extra treat... a site that has some lovely unclothed photos of Evangeline’s costar on Lost, Emilie de Ravin."

(Evangeline might not be pregnant in real life, but Emilie’s character, Claire, was pregnant on the show for a time.)

Evangeline Lilly taunted by paparazzi... & nudity

Evangeline Lilly hates stripping down to her underwear in her hit TV series, Lost!

And even in the remote, far-off location sets in Hawaii, Evangeline complains that the paparazzi are the bane of her existence.

That's only part of the exclusive story we tracked down as we cornered the former Ford model at a sci fi convention.

We confronted the beautiful breakout sex symbol starlet Evangeline as she charged eighty five clams an autographed photo at the Grand Slam Sci Fi Summit in Pasadena.

And we got the exclusive during Evangeline's first fetish appearance, as she was speaking to a room full of Lost fans who'd paid a little extra to breathe her exotic tropical air.

Evangeline told the Lost obsessives that the second worst thing about her first starring (or maybe even speaking) role are the shutterbugs who’ve singled her out—as have we—as the breakout star of the great ABC series.

She complained that one paparazzi was rude enough to chase her down the beach!

First worst? Stripping down to her flesh-colored brassiere and bikini bottom undies-- and the constant pressure by Lost producers that she appear as close to nude as allowable as often as possible.

These concerns from a model? Keep in mind, the gal’s from Alberta. Katheryn Winnick, the lovely who co-stars in the new hit motion picture Cloud 9, written and produced by Burt Kearns and Brett Hudson of Frozen Pictures and Academy Award winner Albert S. Ruddy, is another native Canuck who had a similar problem with stripping down on the beach—and she played a stripper (turned beach volleyball star)!

Also remember that Evangeline’s underwear shots are the hit of the series. Just this week, she showed off some super-skimpy almost-a-thong bikini bottoms and back that give Jessica Alba a run for the money and surely would have been blurred had the butt been attached to a contestant on Survivor. But part of her mystique is her refusal to do a semi-nude scene in Lost’s first season. “I’ve been trying to keep my shirt on all through the first for two seasons,” she told us.

The Ford model from Fort Saskatchewan is bound to break that vow soon. Money-- and her future-- will talk.

We asked Evangeline what she said to the wife of Lost lead Matthew Fox after she and Fox shared a passionate spit-swapping kissing scene. “That was my last conversation with her,” she said, her tongue this time partly in her own cheek.

We wouldn'ask if Evangeline is pregnant by her co-star “boyfriend,” the Hobbit Dominic Monaghan (subect of gayrumours!).

Anyway, despite that pesky paparazzi "bump" photo (right), it wasn’t showing.

(This site shows Evangeline stripped down as far as she’s gone, so far…)